Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Second Letter of Martin to the Haters and Hypocrites:

In this dark hour of despair, as the forces of Petty Selfishness and Hypocrisy beam with smug satisfaction upon the very precipice of victory, I stand before you, defiant and with but two words on my lips: Go Heat! Go Heat, I say to you, because whilst you adore a False Truth, I have found peace in the Loving Embrace of the Miami Heat. A solace born not as the progeny of Destiny, rather that of Free Will. Love is not bought. Love is not won. Love is not born of Destiny. Love is the progeny of Free Will and the Heat are Love.

The Heat are born of the Decision and in this exercise of Free Will they became Love Incarnate.

An Embrace of Love

In his boundless benevolence, LeBron cast aside the societal fetters of the False Truth seeking Love and Self-Improvement. A False Truth that has driven many a city mad with Vainglorious, Carnal Lust for Championships. Boston, where the False Truth has mostly deeply ensnared the population, has been ravaged by the ills of the False Truth: Paranoia, Insecurity, Hypocrisy and Insatiable Lust. Adoration of the False Truth forfeits the exercise of Free Will chaining those believers to a self-perpetuating cycle of Emptiness.

The Heat, free of this cumbersome burden, will triumph in Love and in the name of Free Will.

Blessed: The Haters and Hypocrites point to the Legends of Yesteryear: Magic, Bird and Jordan having won Championships on their "own accord" to rationalize their Petty Selfishness and Hypocrisy. There is nary a mention of fellow Legends: Kareem, McHale, or Pippen. Yet, the King in Cleveland had at his disposal Four Court Jesters!

We All Bear Witness some with Eyes of Love others with the shutters of Hypocrisy.

We All Bore Witness to the Petty Selfishness  from Cleveland, the Land of Judas and His Progeny. With but Four Court Jesters, King James was tethered from achieving grandeur. The Land of Judas did not Love LeBron. I have looked into the eyes of Clevelanders and I have seen how they LUSTED. He was an animal, an ass to be ridden to a Championship, they do not love, but are ensnared by the False Truth. When that ass became the Man filled with Free Will, they unleashed Hateful, Petty Invective.

I beseech them to fill their hearts with Love and realize the Decision was best for their Prodigal Son.

The Hypocrites cried out in unison, "He is King Nothing without a Championship!" LeBron brayed for help in his quest, but was denied repeatedly. Thus LeBron made the Decision to throw off the fetters and Embrace Love. Hence the Hypocrites cried out, "But this is not the way you are supposed to win!" Tonight, a Man, no longer a tethered ass, stands at the crossroads. He is afforded a choice, that no one else has, the choice to be better than everyone else. Tonight, he has NO obligation to petulant admirers, to the Undevoted, to the Haters, who place audacious qualifications upon his victory. LeBron will choose, as he always has, Love. In the Effusive Love of LeBron, the False Truth will be destroyed.

Go Heat, I say to you, a Victory for the Heat is a Victory for Love.

In The Name of Bron Bron, D-Wade, the Holy Bosh,
Go Heat!

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