Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Accidental Blog On Immortality

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(Editor's Note: I intended this as a sort of an introduction to my newest project on pro wrestling chronicling  the tragic hero characters of Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels. But then I felt like it trivialized the ACTUAL death of Owen Hart. Since I deeply respect him, I decided to retract it as the intro for the project, but I think it had some merit, it is not particularly novel or anything. So I figured might as well post it.)

Throughout life, many odd and seemingly random events will remind us of our own mortality. As we seek to contribute to society and simultaneously enjoy the pleasures of life, we hope for an ending that is on our own terms. However, there are external forces at work disturbing our fairy tale incessantly. Sometimes, so violently that there is no recourse, illusion and reality had become permanently separated and shattered. In entertainment, this common, melancholy trope is tempered with a hope that human willpower can triumph over any physical, mental, or emotional inhibition.

The core story of the Dark Knight Rises in my opinion was the struggle of a people’s champion now rendered an invalid and an outcast by external forces. His inability to end his career on his terms sent him careering into a downward spiral becoming a billionaire Boo Radley.  The true beauty of this movie is the duality of his struggles. He must reclaim the hearts and minds of his fellow citizens, but he must somehow overcome his own physical limitations. The movie utilizes all the common devices to ensnare the viewer into believing the deck is truly stacked against him. For all intents and purposes, he is presented as a dead man walking. When he perseveres and is ultimately victorious over his adversary there is a sense of immortality that is achieved. I used to think Earthly immortality was represented by your legacy that being your children, your contributions and the way you inspire those around you.  I, now, believe in a new kind of immortality that is when you are able to fuse an apparently irreconcilable reality and illusion together so that you can end on your own terms. 

But for now, I am looking to obtain immortality by plowing some fields and sowing my seed. ;) You think I could be serious for more than two paragraphs.

Immorality Never Looked So Good

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